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exo-m - lay6


um, hi!? idk if someone still comes here or not but i´m so so so sorry that it took me a century to update this community.

[91] - EXO (hehe)
[11] - B.A.P
[07] - Beast
[08] - Infinite
[26] - kpop
(Hyosung ; SHINee ; MBLAQ ; M.I.B ; Hyungjoon ; Block B)

Kyung5 Daehyun66 Doojoon13
Sehun36 Xiumin44 Sungyeol77

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infinite - sungyeol1

20in20 icons

Lay - far away art choise2 Lay - MV

wow! i cry cry.  no icons for over four months and then i come back with this! oh wow lol. i should have stayed in hiding xD. and omfg why nobody told me that negative space icons are so hard. they are awesome and shit but wooooooow~

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exo-m - chen1
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so i got a request on twitter and because i´m a nice person i said yes. without thinking. because omfg i don´t have that many pictures of kris. so i made only 10 icons xD. i´m too lazy to search. sorry.

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