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so, i don´t know if you guys still come here or not ´cause, as you can see, i haven´t updated this community for a couple of months..... so i thought i´d make a request entry ´cause i don´t have a lot (?) of pictures of kpop people... lmao this sentence feels wrong but whatever, you get the point. anyways, i haven´t been up to date with kpop world ´cause my heavy metal/rock roots are back (lmao, seems like i can´t form a normal sentence that doesn´t feel weird or wrong) but anyways.....

send me a picture or a couple or whatever and gimme some details and whatnot aaaaaand i´ll do my best to make normal icons for you.
but i´ll warn ya that i haven´t touched photoshop for ages so yeah...
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um, hi!? idk if someone still comes here or not but i´m so so so sorry that it took me a century to update this community.

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i know it´s not the right place to ask this but my old laptop retired and now i have a new one and damn it. i can´t find a decent photoshop download link nowhere. so, maybe someone knows where to get one or something.
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